You can obtain a quotation from Insuristic.co.uk if all of the statements below are true. To confirm each statement as true please click each box.

You have a duty to ensure that you answer all our questions honestly and reasonably. If you fail to tell us something when asked or, if you answer carelessly or act deliberately or recklessly in making misrepresentations when answering questions, your policy may leave you with no insurance protection; insurers may not pay a part or all of your claim and may cancel your policy.

This Property


  • Is Unoccupied (maximum of 3 years), in a good state of repair and fitted with our minimum standard of security (More Info.
  • Is not situated on a Farm or a barn conversion.
  • Is not a conversion from a commercial building (such as a pub, office, mill or other commercial property) to a residential property.
  • Is not a building with more than six flats.
  • Does not have any boarded or bricked up windows/doors and is not pending imminent demolition.


  • Has never suffered damage or has/had signs of movement caused by Subsidence, Heave or Landslip.
  • Is not within 200m of a river, lake, sea, watercourse, cliff, quarry or other excavation and has not been previously underpinned.
  • Is not the subject of a valuation or survey report that mentions settlement or movement of buildings or recommends further investigation.


  • Has never flooded (including the land belonging to the property).


  • Has not been declared bankrupt and/or have any settled or outstanding IVAs/CCJs.
  • Has not had any application for property insurance declined or any property insurance policy cancelled or made subject to special terms.
  • Has not made more than two property claims or had one single property claim over £1500 within the last three years.

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  • You are not undertaking any renovations costing 30% or more than the current market value of the property.
  • If you plan to undertake renovations:
    • you will use a third party for the work that holds a valid public liability policy.
    • The property was either purchased, occupied by You, inherited under or became your responsibility to insure within the last 3 months and renovations will commence and be completed within the next three months.
    • There are no unfixed high value fixtures left on the property overnight (e.g., central heating boilers or kitchen appliances).
  • You are either, a sole trader or a limited company with director staff only and
  • You do not employ staff to renovate multiple sites at any given time.
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